I don't know how you did it, but this is fabulous!
Digital Portraits Online

I just wanted to thank you for providing such an awesome service. I really do appreciate you allowing me to have this product at such a great price. Your service helps my company grow larger everyday! I'd refer RubySoft to anyone.
Matt Christensen Photography

I hope you continue to grow, I think your service has much potential for people like myself. A site that I can host my pictures on like yours, combined with the extremely easy to navigate interface makes my job of taking, storing, and selling pictures very easy. You've got a good product, and if I ever come across someone looking for your services, you can bet you'll be recommended.
OUBYX Historian

I want to say THANK YOU PhotoFront. So many people complain about things, but I wanted to take a moment to give praise to you for a change.

PhotoFront is a great program for photographers out there that want to share and sell photos of any event. I enjoy taking pictures, and it's nice to share and sell them.

The price of your service is very affordable and simple - What you see is what you get - No hidden costs. The program is easy to use, can be customized for any photographer's needs, and PhotoFront customer service is GREAT! I have looked at other companies to host my images to view and sell and I am glad I waited and selected you. THANKS PHOTOFRONT!
Memories & Moments

After looking at all the gallery sites out there, PhotoFront was by far the easiest to understand and use with the most amazing support and viable costs. I would definitely recommend it to others.
Susan Guthrie

This is GREAT!
I'm in hog heaven!
Craig Parks

I don't know how you can do all this stuff but you rock. Thanks for the info and for your help. I honestly can't see how your program can't be huge in the photography industry, especially with the kind of customer service you have. Seriously, this kind of service doesn't exist anywhere except at PhotoFront. Again, thanks.
Hunter Gundersen
Swensen Photography

As always great customer service!!!

Wes Fish

I just wanted to say that your service is exactly what I was looking for and we look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Idaho GOP IT Manager

Dear PhotoFront:

This letter is being written to show our appreciation for your company. Here is our story. We had just finished a soccer tournament featuring over 60 teams and it was now time to put the photos online. We were referred to a company, as supposedly they were the best in putting photos online for viewing and ordering. We decided to try them; the rest is truly a nightmare. ... After trying other companies and getting no answer from their customer service centers even though it was mid evening, something had to be done. I turned to Google for one more attempt. I saw your company, PhotoFront, and something seemed unique about your company so I decided to check your website out. It was the best thing I have ever done for our company. I immediately went to your support page and was intrigued to actually see a company with an 800 number. By this time it was close to 11:00pm. Saying a prayer I dialed your number, and about fell out of my chair when Jeff answered. I suddenly knew something was indeed different about your company. Within minutes our company had a PhotoFront account. Once our account was created we began to upload our photos to the PhotoFront Server. Within hours, not days like our previous experience, our photos were online. This time the photos were here to stay. We have had the photos on the website now for over a month and have experienced no problems and do not expect any due to the quality and professional service offered by PhotoFront. Your company has truly the best thing going:

1) Price - Charging only a monthly fee instead of like 15% of online sales like everyone else does. PhotoFront charges $XX per month for its service. All other competitors we have come across charge at least 15% of each order processed.

2) Customer Service - PhotoFront hands down has the best customer service of any online proof sales company. The customer service offered by PhotoFront is second to none. Our company has always been greeted with a warm welcome and a true concern for our business, whether day or night. Compare that to other companies who are large in size and whose client base is too large to deliver the quality of customer service PhotoFront offers, I would choose PhotoFront time and time again over any competitor.

3) Ease of Use - Using PhotoFront software is a dream come true. All we have to do is drag the pictures to the window and they are automatically added to the website, resized accordingly, nothing could be easier.

4) No Space Limit - PhotoFront has no space limits, no quota to stay under. We currently have around 3000 photos online; compare that to the competition who has limits on the picture number. You also can have multiple events with PhotoFront, spanning numerous days. Also if desired the event photos can stay on for as long as you like, unlike competitors who only let you keep photos online for a certain time period.

We could go on and on about how much we appreciate your company.


We look forward to continue working with your company long term and again from us at Lengthy Dog Studios LLC thank you for everything you have done for our company.



Michael Brown
Lengthy Dog Studios LLC
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